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Proper Care and Storage for your Kayak

This topic may seem easy, just drop it in the garage in the most convenient area and you're done right? Wrong. Plastic kayaks are susceptible to a phenomenon called “oil canning” in which the kayak can develop a “flat spot”. This will definitely hinder performance in the boat and opens the hull up to potential damage while on the river. All hope is not lost though! There is an easy way to prevent this....proper storage. The best way to store your kayaks I standing up, as this places the least amount of stress on the hull, but if your boats are too long or your storage area too short, this is simply just inconvenient. The second best option is storing the kayak on its side propped up against a wall somewhere. The is great because there isn't any pressure on the hull, but you will want to switch sides every now and again, so the sides of the boat don't get “dented in”.

There are many products that store kayaks like this hanging from the wall and we recommend this because it saves precious floor space in the garage. One thing to mention is that you should store your kayaks like this inside if at all possible. Like anything plastic, kayaks are susceptible to UV damage from the sun. 303 Protectant, sunscreen for your boat, is a great product to apply to your kayak, at least 4 times a year to minimize UV damage. Another consideration is a cock-pit cover for your kayak, which will prevent any “stow-aways” from going on a free ride with you (read: “creepy crawlers”). The last and probably most important rule for the care and feeding of your kayak is to water daily!!